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Түвшин: (A1)

​The Global Scale of English 22–29 is equivalent to the A1 level on the CEFR.

At this stage, learners begin to generate basic language independently, rather than relying solely on memorised chunks. They have a basic repertoire of mostly concrete words, simple phrases and functional language related to personal details, routine everyday situations, and very familiar topics, including topics related to school subjects. As Basic users, they are dependent on simplified input, clear, slow speech and structured support e.g. visuals, cues, prompts, written models etc.

At this level, learners

• Can understand and use a basic range of words, simple phrases and everyday standard expressions related to personal information and very familiar topics.

• Can follow slow, clearly articulated speech, with pausing and repetition by the other person.

• Can understand most of what is said if delivered clearly, slowly and directly in simple routine everyday exchanges.

• Can communicate using simple phrases, basic sentence patterns and fixed expressions.

• Can answer simple questions on familiar topics using a few words or short sentences.

• Can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly, repeats or paraphrases as necessary and helps them to formulate what they want to say.

• Can write phrases and simple isolated sentences and very short, simple texts on familiar topics.