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Түвшин: GSE 10-21 (Pre-A1)

Pre- A1, learners are developing awareness of the sound system of English as distinct from the sound system of L1; of sound-symbol relationships in English; of the alphabet and print conventions in English (e.g. capitalisation and basic punctuation) and spelling of simple words. They need extensive support in the form of simplified input, slow clearly articulated speech, repetition, and help with meaning, e.g. pictures, objects, gestures or translation. At this level, learners

• Can understand very short simple utterances related to immediate needs, basic personal details or topics of immediate personal relevance, when spoken slowly and clearly.

• Can communicate using a basic range of memorised words and short phrases as well as gestures and actions.

• Can use basic social formulae e.g. greetings, thanks and apologies.

• Can copy familiar words and short phrases.